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Betta Cap

Betta Cap, a great new product that keeps your hands, jerry can, truck bed/equipment and fuel clean! No more spilling fuel from a unsecured jerry can lid. Have a jerry can tip over on you? Leaks aren’t a problem with the Betta Cap.

Clean Hands. Clean Spout. Clean Fuel.

ONLY $14.99 plus appilicable taxes,FREE shipping on 4 or more!!

Mandako STORM

The Heaviest Vertical tillage unit on the market!

Verticial Tillage Tool and High-Speed Disc all in one package. Size and incorporate feild residue effectively. Patented hydraulic angle adjust from 0-14 degrees. This way you can adjust to varying field conditions as you see fit. Manage ruts with authority. Never compromise on the performance with the Mandako Storm!


Mandako 5 Plex Land Roller

Canadian made and the Heaviest Land Roller on the market!

SEEDING-Rolling the field pre-plant creates an even seedbed for today’s high-precision planters and air seeders. Consistent depth control is now a reality. Land rollers create better germination with optimal soil-to-seed contact for cereals and pulses. Pulse crop growers consistently find a 1-4 bushel per acre yield  increase on rolled fields.
SPRAYING-Reduce the wear a nd tear on your sprayer and other equipment with smoother fields.
HARVESTING-Keep sickle bar knives and guards from premature wear by keeping them out of the dirt.  Avoid time-consuming and expensive repairs to your combine by keeping rocks out. Harvesting lodged crops becomes easier (and less stressful) knowing the field was rolled after planting.
TILLAGE- Using a Land roller on corn stalks after harvest crushes the stalks enabling them to decompose faster. Reduce the chance of causing damage to your tires or tracks by flattening the stalks.
HAY/FORAGE-Using a Land roller in the spring can smooth out your field and help level rodent mounds.


Mandako Heavy Harrow - Field Sergeant

The Mandako Field Sergeant Heavy Harrow is a game changer!
This is a Western Canandian built heavy harrow with many features that you would expect in today's heavy harrow. Gone are the days of cables and inconvient folding systems. You can apply down pressure like no other harrow ever before. It's design and manufacturing team have decades of expereince. This implement is a collaboration with Pillar Ag and Mandako.

Some of the features you would expect are the hydraulic rear pivoting wheels, which aid greatly in folding and unfolding.
-Another feature is the hydraulic tine angle adjust. You can change the angle on the fly! A proven, over centre beam to increase or decrease down pressure on the harrow gangs is simple and easy.
-Five row tine harrow feature a 9/16 x 26 inch tines which the optional carbide tip in 9/16 x 26 inch tines.
-The frame design is not only heavy, but well thought out and will last many years with no trouble.

Initial dealer orders have been strong throughout Western Canada and we encourage you to discuss with your local Mandako dealer your Heavy Harrow needs.


Crary’s Revolutionary Ditcher offers a hardy well built solution for surface water in your field. Leaving a smooth surface as an end result, this machine can throw dirt up to 165 feet in either direction with a 10″ deep cut in each pass. Hydraulic Cross Augers are standard, to help you break up dirt with ease. Hydraulics offer independent elevation control and side tilt, along with a 6.5′ diameter rotor for high volume dirt and rock. This machine can really move dirt to aid with your drainage needs. Contact us today to find a dealer near you!

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